Monday, April 17, 2017

This week I feel liked I learned a lot and then nothing all at the same time but I can definitely tell you that I am learning how to have the gift of paciencia in my life. I am learning a lot about how to be more loving with the way that I speak when frustrated and how to listen with love even when I don't agree with what is being said. This is a hard lesson for me to learn and I hope I get the hang of it quickly. It has slowly started to hit me that I, Abigail Brasher am in Lima Peru teaching the gospel that I love so much in a language that I have never had any desire to learn. Thinking about that fact, that this is my life sounds like a big joke but being here feels so right. I know that I am doing what the Lord needs me to do to be able to accomplish all I need to to grow and be able to tackle the things that await for me in my future but I also know that He will always be by my side helping me along the way as long as I am living my life with the commandments. I am so grateful for all that I am learning and the Paciencia that my Father in Heaven has for me. I know that this church in true and that with everything Heavenly Father asks us to do there is always a bigger picture that we can not fully see but that we just need to put all of our trust in the guidance we receive from Him. I love you all and I am so thankful for all your prayers and the love you have been sending all the way to Peru for these past five months! Thank you.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Well this week I learned the truth of the promises of our HeavenlyFather, but also that he completes them in His own time. This week in the beginning what so rough. No one was letting us in to teach them. All of our lessons where falling through and we were just walking around literally knocking on every door. I was tempted to start paying people to just let me teach them. On Thursday I woke up a little earlier before the alarm laying in bed thinking that I really do not want to walk around in the sun all day being told no or being told that we can come a different day. I wanted with all my heart to just take a bath, watch Gilmore Girls and have a Ben and Jerrys maybe even a Costco pizza, but the alarm eventually went off and we got up. I was reading over my conference talks notes and read a note that said, If you feel like you can’t walk, RUN! So I decided that this day I need to run. This day was the day of miracles! In this day we were able to have lessons with all of our current investigators and also gain two new families. Yes, I still would love to take a bath with netflix and an ice cream but I will just wait a little longer ;) 

Okay now funny story that has to do with the Scripture 1 Corinthians 14:34. Growing up in seminary and Sunday school my friends always would share this Scripture as a joke and what not but this week my companion and I contacted this pastor who would always cut us off while talking and start going on about something I knew was just whatever… but I couldn't really understand him, but I cut him off because we were standing there for 30 minutes and we had a lesson to get to. I know I shouldn't have but he was not going to be done talking any time soon. This man literally put his hand up to my face and referenced this scripture  telling me that I didn't have permission to speak… lol.  I wanted to roll in the dirt laughing because he was so serious! Poor little old man.. haha, but yeah maybe it isn't that funny over email but I was dying and my companion was a little shocked.

All and all this week was good! It is starting to cool down a little earlier and that is nice. I’m ready for it to be a little cooler during the whole day, but it will get there. I love you all and hope that you have the best week!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Good news, it is still very very hot everyday but it is starting to cool down earlier so when counting my many blessings that is surly on the the first ones!

This week was awesome and mostly because of General Conference. Always these two days are a dream and this time it definitely made me wanting so so much more. I loved the short but so very powerful talk from our Prophet about the Book of Mormon. This Book has so much power that I don't think most of us really understand how important it truly is to read this book everyday. I have really grown to love and rely on the love and peace I feel from the words in the Book of Mormon. It might be because it is the only English I get to have in my day but I know that it is also so much more then that.

I also really enjoyed the talk from Elder Holland. This talk really pulled at my heart strings. My companion and I have been having a really hard time having success in our numbers in this area and some days it is really hard to be happy walking around from house to house and being told no,  but one thing that Hermana Avila is really good at is always having a positive look on our day and it is something that I have been trying to work on as well. This talk really spoke to my heart of the importance of enduring to the end but enduring to the end with happiness and the love of our Savior.

I am so grateful for so many things in the moment and one of these things is my family. I knew I had an awesome family before I left but the gratitude that I have for my family and the family unit in general just continues to grow everyday. The family is the thing that helps us experience and have the most happiness that is possible in this life, if the family is in line with the Lord… and this is so true! I am grateful for all the examples of this that I have in my life and I am grateful to be here in Peru helping those who don't know this to learn it so that they can be as blñessed as I am with heavenly happiness on this earth.

I love you all and I am so grateful for all of your love and support. I pray for you daily and think of you often. Thank you for your prayers and support and I wish you all a terrific week!!!

Hermana Brasher

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Well it is true, I have a new companion! I am also out of my training… granted I think i will be in training my whole life, but thats okay. MY new companion is Hermana Avila and she is awesome. She has some much energy and its awesome because she has learned how to use it with the work and it has helped us really work hard. 

This week has been a little crazy with the flooding that Peru has been having. In the nights we have been having other Hermanas in our zone staying with us, and though I do love making new friends, sharing stories, and talking I think I love sleep more, lol. But boy, one of the Hermanas just wants to talk and talk and talk. This is great and all when you aren't a missionary and the next day you can sleep in a little, but it’s fun to have a little sleep over every night.

Something really sad happened to me this week. So here is the story. I have a bakery that I love to go to because they have this sandwich type thing that is to die for! Well not really to die for but it is as good as it gets in Peru lol. It’s like a croissant with ham and cheese in the middle. I was so pumped to show my cute new companion the little secrets of Famesa so we bought some, but before I gave her hers I tried to see which one was heavier with my hands so I could have the one with the most cheese and ham haha. I was so excited to sink my teeth into the warm flaky bread and taste the cheeesy ham in the middle. But surprise it was full of maggots.... and I wanted to die in this moment... so yeah I'm not eating there again. ( there is a picture of it)

My scripture for you all this week is Mosiah 7:33. We have a promise from our Heavenly Father that if we work diligently with him always he will always be there to help us in the times that we feel like we just can’t go any farther and this is a beautiful message I think for everybody not just missionaries that are in a place that just really turns them up side down at times. We just need to do the things he asks of us when all in all it is not much. I love the promises and the help that we are given from the Lord and I love learning and growing with these promises everyday.

I love you all and i am so grateful for you people in my life. I hope you all have a good week and I hope you all feel the love coming from Lima Peru!!!