Monday, June 26, 2017

This week has gone by crazy fast and here we are on another p-day. This week was a good one but I don't really remember what happened.  I loved studying a talk from general conference from Elder Hales. It was about being disciples of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and it talks about the importance of those Christ-like attributes that we need in this life... but not only to have them, but to have them woven into who we truly are in this life and truly strive to become what He wants for us. I remember really liking what he said about virtue, but I don't remember exactly what it was so you all have some homework!!!! Go read, listen,  or watch this talk again and decide what it is you are going to change about yourself this week to slowly but surely change your heart to become a little closer to our Savior in this life and let Him change you because the joy that we will feel when we let our Savior change our hearts will be so sweet and pure! I am so thankful for the guidance of the Savior in our lives but also the words of our prophets and apostles! I know that they are men truly inspired by our Heavenly Father to teach and guide us to do those things that are going to help us be strong in these times of hardship. I love you all and can’t wait to hear your experiences of how our Savior can change our hearts!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hola from Peru! I hope all of you dads had a wonderful fathers day. This week was good, crazy, and at times a little slow but in the end everything worked out! This week I was able to really grow more of an appreciation for the sacrament and how lucky we are to participate in this powerful but simple ordinance every week. The sacrament is really such a blessing for us and can help us in so many ways. The sprit that we have the ability to feel in this short amount of time every Sunday is so strong and so pure that we can recharge ourselves spiritually and get ready for all the things that we have coming for us this next week. But we also really have the time to think about our past week and realize what it is that we really need to do to change our lives and better ourselves and ask for the help of the Lord to do these things and He is right there listening to all of our thoughts and prayers ready to help us with whatever it is that we really need help with. We are able to feel of the love that he has for us a little stronger then we can in any other time during the week. I am so thankful for His love and His guidance and that we are able to have this short little bit of time every Sunday to soak up that spirit that is available to us. I love you all!!! I hope and pray that all of you are doing well that you are happy and loving these summer months! Thank you guys for everything and have a crazy week!!! 

Hermana Brasher

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Well, this week was a fun one... for some reason the last three days of this week everyone in our area was just a little unhappy and just felt like lying to us about why they didn't have time to hear our message. It would be easier for everyone if they were to just tell us no, but for some reason they want us to keep trying and trying and trying. But it is okay because I get to learn this week... I have been able to learn about charity and love. I have learned that charity is the sacrifice you make because of your love for something. Yes, it is the pure love of Christ because He loved us so much he made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us which gives us the example of how to have pure love; charity. Charity is a hard attribute to have, but we learn in the scriptures that it is one of the best. I know that with charity we can see people the way our Heavenly Father sees them and that we can make the progress we need, but also help others along the way. I am grateful for those times that are hard (once they are over:) for us to keep pushing forward because that is really when we grow and expand and slowly start to become the person who God needs us to be in this life but also in the life to come.

I love you all so so much and I hope and pray that you are all doing well. Have a fantastic week and try to see others with the eyes of our Savior and you will learn things that will change your life and help change the lives of others.

Hermana Brasher

Monday, June 5, 2017

Saul Salas got baptized this week and it was awesome. We have been working with him for a while now, his parents got baptized a month ago and they were so happy to finally have him also get baptized. Their family is awesome and the spirit was so strong. This kid loves to talk but when we told him that he was going to have to bear his testimony in front of everyone he got way nervous and did not want to do it. We practiced with him a lot and once he got up there his testimony was short and simple but so pure and true. The spirit was so strong and it was so awesome. On Sunday he also stood to bear his testimony because it was fast and testimony meeting. He stood up and shared his testimony about how the gospel really does help people change their lives. It was so awesome to be here for this and to really see the gospel help this young man really change his life to be closer to our Heavenly Father.
I know it is true! I know that with the gospel we have the tools that truly help people change their lives for the better and it is important that we are always trying to work on ourselves too. That we work and strive to become more like our HeavenlyFather everyday and learn through those trials that we have in our life because if we have to go through them we might as well learn what we are suppose to so we don't have to do it again! No, but really I know that the trials and difficulties that we have are here to teach us and change us and they are from God because only He truly knows how to help us to become like Him and He is also going to help us along the way with His spirit and this gospel.

I hope you all have a great week and that you are all safe and doing good! I love you all!!!

Hermana Brasher