Monday, February 27, 2017

I have this small problem when it comes to bearing my testimony... I always start crying, and it isn't necessarily in lessons, it’s when we are in a zone or district meeting. I would rather have it happen in the lessons I have with people instead of in our missionary meetings, but whatever, it is what it is… I'm a cryer. I have learned over the past two years of my life and I think it is about time I just accept it.

My favorite part of my day is when I get to teach a lesson. Before I was dreading it, but now I love it because I have learned how to rely on the spirit and my Savior. I love being able to talk from the spirit and be able to feel it carrying me through the part of the lesson I am teaching. It doesn't happen every time as strongly as others, but yesterday I was teaching about the Book of Mormon and I could feel the spirt speaking through me. It was the coolest thing for me to experience!!  I am also able to feel the love our Savior has for these people and it is helping my testimony grow and become stronger in the atonement of Jesus Christ and his love for every single one of us along with our Heavenly Fathers love as well.

My scripture for you all this week is in Matthew 11: 28-30. These verses can have multiple different meanings but for me this week it has helped me learn how to work with our Savior which has also helped this week not be as difficult as the last. I am so thankful for the love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for every one of us and I am glad I am able to experience it at a whole different level then I ever have with being able to feel this love for not only me but for every person we teach. I know He loves us and that’s why we all have the opportunity to feel this love and comfort through the atonement. I don't know what I would do with out this gift and blessing in my life. 

This letter is way missionary… I do wish I had something funny to tell you but the only thing I can really think of is one of our busses this week got stuck and we all had to get out of the bus and help push it (good thing I am way swoll ;)  Also, a different day on the bus I fell down because people don't know how to drive. Okay, for you to all have a little picture in your head of what it is like to ride in a bus in my area, imagine being on the bus in the 3rd Harry Potter movie but without magic... that is my life:)

I love you all thank you for all your prayers and support.  I wish you all a wonderful week!

Hermana Brasher

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello from Peru!!!! I have a scripture for you all this week about missions and I think it really describes it perfectly. Its D&C 122:7, I hope you all read and enjoy!

This week we did have a baptism date for Percy but he isn't really progressing with his testimony because he isn't reading the Book of Mormon and is waiting for an answer about all of it. We have been trying to tell him if he doesn't read and doesn't attend church he won’t be able to get an answer of whether or not it is all true! He keeps expressing that he wants to change his life for the better and we did have a really good lesson with him this week where he really opened up with us about how he was feeling in life and with his progress in the gospel. 

I'm starting to get a little frustrated that all of our baptism dates are either falling through or getting pushed back further and further. I know it isn't about the baptisms as mush as it is about the people we are helping, it would be nice to at least have one... but good thing my Christ like attribute this week is faith! 

This week was slow, discouraging, and we heard a lot of no’s so I'm sorry that this letter is kind of a dud. Thank you all for your prayers and your love and I wish you all a good week.

Hermana Brasher

Monday, February 13, 2017

This past week we were struggling to find people to teach which is really frustrating. It got to the point where we weren't as motivated to talk to all the people we should be because we were sick of hearing no. This week we had a zone conference where we talked about how every no is worth the one yes. In my brain I'm thinking… but we aren't even getting the one yes! Anyway, after this meeting we were re-motivated to try and get our one yes.  As we kept working, we got a whole bunch of no’s, but then we got our yes!!  Melissa… and through the whole lesson she was so in tune, really interested and was really listening to the message we were sharing. I could tell then that every no was definitely worth this yes!

We had another really awesome experience with Carmen.  Carmen has attended church two times before our first lesson. She lives alone and this is really hard on her. She feels really lonely and just wants to have people in her life, but also she kept expressing how she wants to change her life as well. In this first lesson with Carmen at times I could feel the spirit carrying me and it was the coolest feeling to not want to run out of the room when it was my turn to speak but to know what to say to help this investigator. When I asked her if she was willing to prepare for her baptism in March she answered with, “I’m prepared.”  I just wanted to give her the biggest hug… awh, my heart was just filled with so much love for this lady and I am really excited to see her progressing in the gospel.

We also visited this menos menos active member. He is sometimes active and sometimes not but we just went to his house to share a scripture with him and make sure he is doing good. The whole time he kept telling me that I look like his mom and that my green eyes are just so beautiful, which was nice but it was getting a little awkward… and he kept calling me grrrrriinga because he couldn't say Brasher… lol, but when we were ready to go he asked me if he could hug me jajaja, I said no, I’m sorry, but he kept asking and finally Hermana Yato stopped laughing and helped me get out of this situation! 

Anyway, I love you all. I hope you have a happy day tomorrow eating cookies and chocolate while I am walking around in the sun low keying wanting to just jump in a pool or something! Love you all!!!

Hermana Brasher

Monday, February 6, 2017

This week was a triste (sad) week. I don't know if you remember, but we had a baptism on Saturday for Kevin and we were all way excited about it, but on Friday he said that he doesn't want it. He still wants to go to church and read the Book of Mormon because he likes these things, but he doesn't want to get baptized. It was hard for me to hear. I think it has a lot to do with his Mom. We also have this pretty big group of Jajova Witnesses walking around and they are always with Kevin and his family, but one day he will be baptized. I guess this just isn't the time for him.

One of our other investigators Percy, is really progressing. We had a lesson with him and he just kept expressing how much he is ready to change and how excited he is for his baptism and how his work schedule is changing so he will be able to attend church easier (he has had a hard time attending church). This made my heart just so happy. It made me feel like I am actually doing this right!

This week personally I have been working on relying on the spirit to help me speak so I am able to say exactly what the people need to hear. I still need to work on this a lot more, it is hard for me not to freak out when it is my turn to speak and to just be calm and listen but I have made some progress this week.

Cambiars are this week! We find out tonight if we change our companionships or not. I don't think I will because we stay with our trainers for sure the first 12 weeks, but Hermana Yato is not getting he hopes up so who knows we might switch but we might not. What is changing for sure is the sun. It gets hotter and hotter everyday and I feel like I am never dry. I didn’t even know my face could sweat this much. Sometimes durning lessons I can feel drops of sweat racing down my back, its the best!… and it is only going to get hotter!!!!

I love you all!

Hermana Brasher