Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MTC week 2

Thanksgiving and other happenings:

I didnt really expect much from Thanksgiving because that isn't really a thing down here, but we had an awesome devotional from Elder Anderson about gratitude (obviously:) The kitchen was decorated way cute and that made us feel somewhat of a Peru Thanksgiving feast. It touched my heart that they went out of their way to make this whole transition that much easier for all of us. Although it did not feel like Thanksgiving at all... I loved it!

We got Fausto, our first investigator to get baptized! What was nice was after we were done with Fausto my teacher who was pretending to be him as an investigator came up to me and my companion and told us that he thought we did really well and he could tell that we are improving which was so awesome to hear because I do not feel like that at all. Now we have two more investigators, Dennis and Cristina and so we will see how it goes with them!!!

The food here isn't too much different, it just has a different little taste to it to remind you that you are in Peru. I am pretty sure they have been serving us the same batch of fries for two weeks and they are sick of warming them up so they are also cold... but hey, we have fries:). They also every once in a while have hard boiled eggs and my heart just gets so happy when that happens. Me and all the Hermanas in my room talk about pizza every night, how we just want to escape the compound and get pizza from Costco. I don't even know if they have a Costco here, but they better;)

Spanish is so completely and utterly frustrating and discouraging. At the moment I have no good words about this language that I have to speak for the next 18 months.

I love all the girls that I am with everyone is awesome and so full of love for eachother. We are growing really close, for some girls that is a good thing and for others not so much, but we are all making it through the day. The Elders have their moments but most of the time I love them. We are always singing songs and I just love it.

I'm  doing well.  I love my teachers that I have and the CCM President is so awesome and really looking out for me. I am loved and cared for here. 
I love you all,
Hermana Brasher 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

MTC week 1

November 23, 2016

So I made it and I am loving the MTC. It sort of just feels like I am in a California compound really. The MTC has these big walls around it so it is hard to really let your mind understand that you are in Peru. I have so much that I want to tell you but I just dont know if I am going to be able to fit it all in but I will try. 

The language is hard. Muy hard, the teachers just walk in speaking Spanish and I am just sitting in my seat trying so hard with all my might to grasp what she is saying, but I get nothing. Its difficult for me to keep myself from comparing myself to the other missionaries because that's just what I do. I feel like everyone else is getting it way faster than I am... but my mission President is awesome! He said that you will get Spanish, but the most important thing is to have  the language of the spirit. So hopefully as I keep working and trying it will eventually click with me.  At the MTC we teach ¨investigators¨(they are really just teachers) in these cute little pretend houses and it has been frustrating as well because I know what I want to say to them, but I just dont have the Spanish words to say it! So I guess I've just got to keep working on it! 

President Moore and Hermana Moore are awesome. They are truly called of God to be here for me. They have been very supportive, loving, and caring towards me through all of this. I truly love both of them and I am very thankful to have them here with me. In my times of stuggle they know exactly what to say to help me and I know that my Heavenly Father is watching over me.

My companion is awesome. Her name is Hermana Staheli and we get a long very well. She's from Utah, she is the yougest of 6 and, when i asked her what her favorite movie was she said "Pride and Prejudice", so we automatically were meant to be. In out room there are six hermanas. Hermana Burg, Messenger, Heartline, Brown, Stahlie and, me! We all get along really well. In my zone there are 12 hemanas and I dont even know how many Elders. The Hermanas in my district are Hermana Luchie, Glasset, Stahlie nad, me. We have six elders in our district as well. All the people I am surrounded by are so loving and that is exactly what I need, a family away from my real family.

The food.. I was doing good the first few days and then it just really got to me. It is really hard for me to eat breakfast, I dont know what they are cooking their eggs in but I am not a fan! They have this really sugary yogurt that you are supposed to use as your milk for cereal and I just dont think I am ready to try that yet.. but lunch is always good and maybe it is just because i am really hungry by  that point in my day. Sometimes they have ice cream during lunch and that is truly my favorite I think:) 

I am busy and I love it! When it is time for bed there is no question on whether I will be able to fall a sleep or not. All the Hermanas slowly fall asleep in conversation but once my head hits the pillow there is no converstation happening with me. So they just fill me in in the morning and I'd rather have it that way. Waking up is a little more difficult, but it is one of the easiest things I do all day.

Funny story from this week. All the Hermanas share a floor and two bathrooms, but there isn't that many of us so we usually all only use the main bathroom.  I was in there brushing my teeth with the Latinas and I was trying to think of what to say to them and I just wasn't coming up with anything, but when I was leaving I decided I would tell them all Buenos noche as I am leaving the bathroom but I was nervous so I accidentally said buenos dias... they all kinda laughed a little and then I felt awkward. I guess it really isn't that funny when I am writing about it but it was funny for the Latinas.

Well I love you all, thank you for your prayers

Hermana Brasher

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Beginning

July 28, 2016:  I had been waiting for my mission call for a while now and had just gotten out of school for the day. I had just received a text message from my roommate to hurry home. I asked her why but she was very cryptic about it, so I figured my call had finally come! I got there and both of my roommates were just standing there with the mail key ready to go. As we were all parading out to the mailbox one of my roommates confessed to already coming out to the mailbox because she was waiting for something (I had previously told them that no one was to go check for the mail with out me just in case). With her saying this, I knew what was going to be inside our mailbox... at least I thought I did. As I opened the mailbox I saw it, it was my call!!! I had this big white envelope in my hands holding the information that was going to determine the next 18 months of my life. But I noticed that there were two big white envelopes.  I pulled the second one out and it was my roommate,  Alyssa's. We had received our calls on the same day and for me it was such a fabulous thing to have happen.  I jumped and let out a noise of excitement! It might have been a little over dramatic and everyone that was outside was looking at us but it was definitely called for. It was perfect timing for Alyssa because her mom was in town (Alyssa is from Kansas), so Alyssa, Clara, and I all jumped in the car to go open up her call. I don't think Alyssa has ever driven that fast in her life (which is saying something because she is a pretty speedy driver as it is). We got there and needed to wait for her family at home to get on face time and once we did it all got silent. All eyes and ears were focused on her to see where our best friend, daughter, sister, niece, or cousin was going to go. As she is reading, the spirit just overcame everyone in the room as she reads that is is going to the New York, New York North mission!!! Seeing her open her call I didn't know if I could wait until I was with family to open mine but I knew I would want them to be there with me. I really only needed to wait two days so I knew I could do it.

July 31, 2016: This was an eventful day! My dad turned 42 and I would be opening my call. This day didn't start out as exciting as the day I had gotten it in the mail. Instead I was very emotional but I was doing a pretty good job at holding myself together. I made it through sacrament meeting, then Sunday school happened... I was sitting with my parents just thinking about all the places that I might be going, working on not bursting out into tears, and becoming a little anxious. In the middle of the lesson my dad and I make eye contact and I notice is eyes are a little teary with excitement and love for this next step in my life and that did me in. I silently (at least I hope it was silent) sobbed next to my dad in the middle of Sunday school and once that happened I was a mess of the rest of the day. I got way nervous, I wasn't even going to be able to read my call in the first place but my dad said he would take over if I needed help. As the time that I had planned to read my call got closer the more anxious I became. My family all noticed this so my dad offered to give me a priesthood blessing. It was one of the most beautiful blessings I had ever received. I am so thankful for my father and family. Then the time had come! We had gotten everyone on face time and we were ready to go. There were millions of butterflies flying around in my stomach at a very rapid speed, but once I started to read the words, "Dear Sister Brasher" everything went calm. I gave my self a second to collect my emotions and then continued to read my call. Once I read the words Lima, Peru West mission I had no doubt in my mind that that was where I was meant to go. Sense this moment I have experienced every emotion one could feel about going to South America for 18 months of their life and speaking a language they never had any intention of learning... nervous, excited, anxious, worried, ready, pumped, and so much more. I am thankful for the family and friends who have helped me along the way, who have listened to how I feel and have given me council when needed.  Those who have given me tips and tricks to what I need or want when I am down in Peru. Those who have done nothing but support me through out all of this. I am so excited to serve the people of Peru, to be able to learn their language and teach them about our Savior. I am honored to wear the name of "Jesus Christ" on my chest for the next 18 months. Thank you everyone, I love you and will miss you!