Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hello everyone! Buenos tardes de Peru. Today I want to share my thoughts with you on the power of prayer and that it is really something we can do to help us change our lives. The power of prayer all works depending on our heart and our faith. If we are just praying real fast in our blankets because you forgot... you are just gong to be completing the commandment of prayer, but we should be really taking advantage of this blessing that we have to talk to our Father in Heaven and use our heart. At first it might seem silly but He really wants to hear about your day and if you don't really know what to to say just start walking in through your day, but talk from you heart and you will really have the spirit with you in your prayers. If you are speaking from your heart with your faith you will really start to change the relationship that you have with your Father in Heaven and you will be able to start growing stronger and stronger with him every night and morning. Tell him in the mornings of your plans for your day and in these moments you will find things that you are grateful for and  questions and directions that you need. the more specific we are with our prayer the more specific our answers and direction will be. I know I need to keep working on it and that really it is something we all need to master. I invite all of you this week to really pay attention to your prayers and to really work on putting a little bit more heart and faith into the words you are saying and GET ON YOUR KNEES!!!  The love you are going to start feeling is going to change your days little by little . I love you all so so much and I hope you all have a great week.

Hermana Brasher

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hello world and good afternoon or night. I am so happy to be here in Peru sharing this gospel and really learning a lot more everyday...more than I think my investigators are learning, but that is okay. Today I want to talk to all of you about the impotancia de the doctrina de cristo. This is the fe, arrepentimiento, bautismo, el done del esiritu santo,y endure to the end. with these three things we really have the guidance that we need to keep us on the path but why does it all start with faith? For me I think it starts with faith because it is our own sort of power. As we exercise our faith in prayer, studying the scriptures, and repenting we receive blessings and strength to accomplish the work. Faith and trust in our Heavenly Father will really make all of these things happen. Faith will help us grow to really know our Savior beyond the things that everyone knows about Him.  It will help us grow close to Him personalmente. I know that this is true, and once we have this love we will be able to really have that contrite spirit and broken heart, the two things we need for repentance. Repenting is really feeling sorrowful and having a plan for how we are going to change our hearts and grow closer to Him. Repentance is also the journey of becoming more like our Savior and really making a permanent change in our hearts. This change is something that we need to have daily. Baptism from someone who holds the priesthood of God and the gift of the Holy Ghost will help us endure to the end. I think the reason why we talk about enduring to the end last is because we truly need the first four things to endure in the way our Heavenly Father needs us to endure this life with Him by our side. I know that the doctrina de cristo will help us stay on the path that we need to stay on but we also need to know for ourselves and have our own experiences. I know that as we start to gain more knowledge of the importancia of these things in our lives we will recognize the strength and guidance these things can be for us. 

I love you all and I just want you to know that this church is true and that these are the days that we need to be he├▒lping in every way, finding ways to invite others to come unto Christ because the success is in the invitation and so that is what we need to do, that is why we have the blessings of this gospel in our lives. 

This week was crazy and lots of things keep happening in my life that help me know without a doubt that this work is of our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for all your support and prayers and I hope that all of you guys have a fantastivce week and learn something new that will help us all grow closer to our Savior! Love you all!!!

Hermana Brasher

It keeps getting more and more cold and I didn't think I was going to have coldness here in Peru but there is! This week I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn about the importance of harmony in the home with the Holy Ghost in the relationship of the mother and the father. It is really amazing what a difference it makes in our homes when there is the spirit present. I have been very blessed to always have the gospel and spirit welcomed in my home ( with having 7 siblings the spirit was a little hard to feel at times lol but it was always welcomed back quickly by my loving mother) and with this blessing I truly grew to take for granted this blessing but I can testify that this spirit does change the lives and the homes of people. If we do the things that we know we need to do our hearts and relationships will be a safe place for the spirit to dwell. With this spirit we are going to be able to receive the guidance and the direction that we need for our families and for our own lives. We will be able to recognize the hand of our Savior in our lives a little faster and have Him present in our homes. I know I am probably just singing to the choir but I just want you to all know that what you have is truly so so special and we need to make sure we cherish it. Those who don't have this spirit so much in their homes I just want you to know that it is so worth the work to have this feeling of love, safety and peace in the home. I love you all so so much and hope you are all living it up this summer time!!!! Keep praying and doing what is right!

Hermana Brasher