Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2 Nefi 4:30-35.  I love this chapter in second Nefi, but verses that really stuck out to me were these ones. I love the power and faith you can feel while reading the prayer of Nefi. I love the example Nefi is for me and can be for all of us. I am so thankful for this example of faith and diligence in my life especially at this moment. He truly shows what it means to fully love our Heavenly Father and to have complete trust in Him and I love all that we can lean from this little prayer of faith.

This week we contacted a lady through her cats!!!! She had a little house for her cats and other cats outside her house which I think is just a brilliante idea jaja. She had 6 cats and then feeds all the other cats that come visit her three story cat house. She lives alone with her mother and her cats. But she also is really strong in her faith but really only enjoys learning about different churches and doesn't really know if she wants to make a commitment, so we will see… maybe her cats will help her realize the truth.

This week I ate chicken feet!!!! I am actually really proud of myself and they were actually really good. Before you eat them the lady cuts them up a little bit for you so it doesn't look like you are eating chicken feet but while she is cooking them it looks like she cut them off her chickens that morning… lol, but yeah I loved it and I will probably eat them again. 

I hope you are all doing well, thank you for your love and prayers. Have a fantastic week!


Hermana Brasher

Exchanges with Hermana Brough

Monday, March 6, 2017

What I have to say this week isn't very much. Last week as a Misssion we started to read six pages of the Book of Mormon every day and while we do this we are asked to look for the love of our Savior and highlight when we feel or recognize this love. I have really enjoyed doing this. I have been able to find the love of my Savior in little ways that I have never recognized before and I have received reminders of how truly loved I am. The ways I have recognized my Saviors love this week is through the commandments we have. That we have been given commandments to help guide, protect, and direct us in a world that is full of confusion and misery. With the commandments we have we are truly able to feel the happiness our Father in Heaven wants us to have in this life. I am grateful for this challenge and I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon.

We have this new investigator and she is awesome, and so is her daughter. We met her at church, she came with one of her friends who is less active. We have been able to have a few lessons with her and her daughter and the spirit is always present. They read the Book of Mormon together and pray together and her daughter loves to read so she is always reminding her mom that they need to read the Book of Mormon… it is awesome! 

Also this week I had a another bad experience with the busses. Hermana Yato and I were getting on this bus and there were not a lot of seats open. Hermana Yato sat down and I was standing and I noticed this guy that we were by that looked kind of creepy.  I started to try to get my money out of my bag before the bus started to go to pay for Hermana Yato and I but while I was doing this the bus decided it was time to go and I fell right into this creepy guys lap!! ugh… I have that heebby-jeebies just thinking about it. He gave me this creepy smile and I just shot out of his lap and apologized and Hermana Yato was dying with laughter. Yes, the buses will be one thing that I won’t mss about Peru!

This week was alright but I hope that this next week will be better. Thank you all so much for your prayers and love. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Hermana Brasher