Monday, April 10, 2017

Well this week I learned the truth of the promises of our HeavenlyFather, but also that he completes them in His own time. This week in the beginning what so rough. No one was letting us in to teach them. All of our lessons where falling through and we were just walking around literally knocking on every door. I was tempted to start paying people to just let me teach them. On Thursday I woke up a little earlier before the alarm laying in bed thinking that I really do not want to walk around in the sun all day being told no or being told that we can come a different day. I wanted with all my heart to just take a bath, watch Gilmore Girls and have a Ben and Jerrys maybe even a Costco pizza, but the alarm eventually went off and we got up. I was reading over my conference talks notes and read a note that said, If you feel like you can’t walk, RUN! So I decided that this day I need to run. This day was the day of miracles! In this day we were able to have lessons with all of our current investigators and also gain two new families. Yes, I still would love to take a bath with netflix and an ice cream but I will just wait a little longer ;) 

Okay now funny story that has to do with the Scripture 1 Corinthians 14:34. Growing up in seminary and Sunday school my friends always would share this Scripture as a joke and what not but this week my companion and I contacted this pastor who would always cut us off while talking and start going on about something I knew was just whatever… but I couldn't really understand him, but I cut him off because we were standing there for 30 minutes and we had a lesson to get to. I know I shouldn't have but he was not going to be done talking any time soon. This man literally put his hand up to my face and referenced this scripture  telling me that I didn't have permission to speak… lol.  I wanted to roll in the dirt laughing because he was so serious! Poor little old man.. haha, but yeah maybe it isn't that funny over email but I was dying and my companion was a little shocked.

All and all this week was good! It is starting to cool down a little earlier and that is nice. I’m ready for it to be a little cooler during the whole day, but it will get there. I love you all and hope that you have the best week!!!


  1. Love the "if you can't walk, run" attitude. This sister missionary is truly inspiring!

  2. Hermana Brasher is filled to the brim with the spirit of hope, goodness and love. This experience is a treasure.