Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello from Peru!!!! I have a scripture for you all this week about missions and I think it really describes it perfectly. Its D&C 122:7, I hope you all read and enjoy!

This week we did have a baptism date for Percy but he isn't really progressing with his testimony because he isn't reading the Book of Mormon and is waiting for an answer about all of it. We have been trying to tell him if he doesn't read and doesn't attend church he won’t be able to get an answer of whether or not it is all true! He keeps expressing that he wants to change his life for the better and we did have a really good lesson with him this week where he really opened up with us about how he was feeling in life and with his progress in the gospel. 

I'm starting to get a little frustrated that all of our baptism dates are either falling through or getting pushed back further and further. I know it isn't about the baptisms as mush as it is about the people we are helping, it would be nice to at least have one... but good thing my Christ like attribute this week is faith! 

This week was slow, discouraging, and we heard a lot of no’s so I'm sorry that this letter is kind of a dud. Thank you all for your prayers and your love and I wish you all a good week.

Hermana Brasher

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