Monday, February 13, 2017

This past week we were struggling to find people to teach which is really frustrating. It got to the point where we weren't as motivated to talk to all the people we should be because we were sick of hearing no. This week we had a zone conference where we talked about how every no is worth the one yes. In my brain I'm thinking… but we aren't even getting the one yes! Anyway, after this meeting we were re-motivated to try and get our one yes.  As we kept working, we got a whole bunch of no’s, but then we got our yes!!  Melissa… and through the whole lesson she was so in tune, really interested and was really listening to the message we were sharing. I could tell then that every no was definitely worth this yes!

We had another really awesome experience with Carmen.  Carmen has attended church two times before our first lesson. She lives alone and this is really hard on her. She feels really lonely and just wants to have people in her life, but also she kept expressing how she wants to change her life as well. In this first lesson with Carmen at times I could feel the spirit carrying me and it was the coolest feeling to not want to run out of the room when it was my turn to speak but to know what to say to help this investigator. When I asked her if she was willing to prepare for her baptism in March she answered with, “I’m prepared.”  I just wanted to give her the biggest hug… awh, my heart was just filled with so much love for this lady and I am really excited to see her progressing in the gospel.

We also visited this menos menos active member. He is sometimes active and sometimes not but we just went to his house to share a scripture with him and make sure he is doing good. The whole time he kept telling me that I look like his mom and that my green eyes are just so beautiful, which was nice but it was getting a little awkward… and he kept calling me grrrrriinga because he couldn't say Brasher… lol, but when we were ready to go he asked me if he could hug me jajaja, I said no, I’m sorry, but he kept asking and finally Hermana Yato stopped laughing and helped me get out of this situation! 

Anyway, I love you all. I hope you have a happy day tomorrow eating cookies and chocolate while I am walking around in the sun low keying wanting to just jump in a pool or something! Love you all!!!

Hermana Brasher

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  1. Hermana Brasher looks and sounds wonderful! The story of Carmen and "I'm prepared" brought tears unexpectedly as the miracle of love, service, and missionaries that keep trying ... all struck and tender chord for me.