Monday, May 1, 2017

Well another one bites the dust and here comes Mayo!!!! It is starting to get cooler here and I love it!! It is so much nicer to walk around in spring time weather then the blazing hot sun. These past two weeks have been crazy and really they feel like a dream. So in other words I don´t really know what to say about the past two weeks.

Today I actually did something cool for P-day. Today for some reason Día de Trabajador which means that no one goes to work today so the family Camones invited us over to do a Pacha Manka which is food of the ground. It is pretty cool, they have this little underground fire pit and they put all the food in it like potatoes, meat, beans, and other food we don´t have in United States that is really yummy and then they put paper and leaves of the banana trees over it and then dirt over it and it cooks and it is awesome! I got to help uncover the food and everyone thought it was so funny that I wanted to help for some reason, and I also got to take the food out too. This family is so cute and so so funny it was really like being with my own family. Everyone was teasing each-other and joking with each-other and eating really good food, I felt right at home. It was kind of like a Thanksgiving lunch! 

This week we have found a few real awesome families that they have done really well in the lessons but then for some reason don´t what to wake up for church. So tonight we get to go cry repentance to all of our investigators which I actually kind like doing and I have had a lot of practice doing it, but it is always done with love. I am growing to love Peru more and more everyday and it helps that I am learning the language a little bit more everyday!

Thank you everyone for your love and your prayers. I hope all is well at home and I am always sending my love from Peru!!!

Hermana Brasher

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  1. Dear Hermana Brasher... I enjoyed seeing your exposure to the culture there as you share in their holidays and all of those beautiful smiling faces. It makes me so happy to see that you continue to progress in your testimony, faith, language skills, and love for people. The miracle of "his hands are outstretched still" becomes our miracle of missionary work as we strive to understand His will for our lives. I love you.