Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I have a new companion and her name is Hermana Alcocer and she is awesome! I absolutely love her! Yes, we have barely had a week together but her love for this work is amazing and I have really learned so much from her this past week. I also have a new area and it is soo soo beautiful! I am more on the coast and the beach is in my area but Hermana Alcocer told me that is is pretty sketchy at the beach so I haven't been able to convince her to let me see it yet, but I am working on it! At times I do get a little smell of the salty ocean and I love it. I am more out of the city so it isn't as crazy but it is still crazy.

This week itself has been a little weird. We have had a harder time finding new investigators but we have had a lot of lessons with new people but things happen. This week either people said that they don't want to get baptized and hear our message anymore or they weren't all completely there in the head... so yeah it was a rough week with finding new people. But with the investigators that they had before I got here have been awesome and there is some really good potential here in Barranca.

I just want to tell you all how grateful I am for the power of prayer and the blessing it is in all our lives. Today we taught the class in church and it was about faith and about how faith is dead with out works. One of those works is prayer and it is so necessary for us to always be talking and pleading with our Heavenly Father because he truly is always stretching is hand out to help us we just need to do our part and pray for the help we need. Once we start working our faith that is when we start to see the miracles and blessings in our lives more often. I know that it is true. I know that all you need to do is pour out your soul and heart to Him and he will help you. You just need to have you faith combined with trust and hope. Trust that he really will help you and hope for the blessings because they will come in the time of the Lord when we have learned what he needs us to. I am so thankful for our Father in Heaven and all that He does for us in this life and all that He has done for us in the life before.

Thank you all for your love and your prayers. I hope all is well and pray for you often. Lots of love always coming from Peru.

Hermana Brasher

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