Monday, January 23, 2017

This was a hard week with our investigators and everything. This week we are preparing to hear from Elder Cook, and one of the talks that he asked us to study is, "Valient in the testimony of Jesucristo.”  In this talk he mentions how stumbling blocks are everywhere and present themselves in ways that you would not necessarily consider a stumbling block and they can really make life difficult. This really spoke to me with how me and Hermana Yatos week went. One thing that is really stressed in our mission is to have 20 contacts a day. This might not sound like much, but just walking up to people and talking to them is harder then I thought…especially in spanish. One of my stumbling blocks is this worry about the language, about messing up, about what the person will think of me or what my companion will think of me. I just need to get over that and talk to people! Reading D&C 33:7-15 really helped me to have hope. Also with this talk I think I was able to really understand what I need to do to forget myself and get to work, so hopefully this week goes better.

Our baptism with Kevin this week I don't think is going to happen. He says he wants to know more but doesn't really have anything specific he wants to know about and I feel like me and my companion have poured our hearts out to him but nothing has really changed. It is really discouraging to know he has felt the spirit and has had the spirit testify to him but he just doesn't want it.

One funny story for you, but not so much for me…this last week some of our district got food poisoning from where we all ate together on our p-day! Hermana Yato, Elder Miconico, Elder Bumstead and me. Elder Bumstead passed out twice and while talking to one of his investigators and both times hit his head on their door…the rest of us where just in bad shape.

Although this week was challenging I have hope for this next week. Thank you for all your love and prayers.

Hermana Brasher

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