Monday, January 16, 2017

I’m still going!! Two months in and I kind of feel like I have been here for my whole life:) This week was good, not with our numbers though,  those were horrific but with my feelings about everything this week was much better.

With the majority of our investigators it is really hard to catch them when they are home. We have three that are progressing more then the others. With Janet our lessons go really well.  She listens and learns and I can tell she needs something more in her life because her eyes are always sad. I don't know what the perfect thing to share with her is. . . the thing that will just give here that push. The only thing holding her back is that she will not attend church! Then we have Percy, his lessons also go really well.  We usually only catch him maybe twice a week but a least always once. Percy is always really late to Sacrament meeting and leaves right after so that is a little discouraging because I want him to stay the whole time! Then there is Kevin. This week Kevin has made HUGE progress. Last week it was so hard to get him to just read the Book of Mormon,  but he read the Book of Mormon! Our lesson about the plan of salvation went really good for him and he really enjoyed church.  After church we had a lesson with Kevin and the Bishop about repentance and the truth of the church. At the end of the lesson Hermana Yato asked him if he would kneel down with us and ask our Heavenly Father if the church was true. During this prayer I was just pleading with the Lord that Kevin would feel and recognize the feeling and of the spirit testifying unto him and feel the love our Savior has for him. I do not know if he felt these things but at this time my heart was filled with so much love from our Savior for me that I wasn't asking for but that I needed more then ever and it is something that I want to keep with me forever!

People say my Spanish is getting better and I always feel like laughing when they say this because it isn't. The ward put up a list of the talks for next week and Hermana Yato, Elder Bumstead, and Elder Basilios names were on it and I got off the hook!! Until the Elders were all "she needs the practice,”  "she can do it, her Spanish is way good" …blah blah blah, and so i don't know if I am really off the hook or not..:)

I'm sorry I don't have a funny story for this week... but thank you for your prayers and everything.  I love you all!

Hermana Brasher 


  1. I really look forward to these posts. That girl sounds busy in all the right ways!

  2. I hope she really gets to stay off the hook for Sunday...She will get the language! Love her happy personality through the hard things! ❤❤❤