Monday, January 30, 2017

Hola and hello from the hottest place on earth… and everyone keeps saying "just wait for February.”  So I'm pretty excited to melt these next two months!!!

This week was pretty special because we got to hear from Elder Cook. He talked a lot about us needing to teach of repentance and baptism every day, and to also make sure that our investigators really truly understand the atonement and all its glory. I think what I truly loved most about this whole experience was the spirit that was present. It truly was a really special experience and I loved it!!!

Some Elders in our district had a baptism this week and I was pumped because it was my first baptism meeting as a missionary. But little did I know that I would,  (1) be playing the piano,  and (2) giving the first lesson while waiting after the baptism before the confirmation. I don't really think i need to explain how either of these things went… the piano part just reminded me why I hate the piano, and the lesson part reminded me that I don't know Spanish. But, Kevin attended the baptism and I don't think that there could have been anything else to give him a nice friendly push to getting baptized. After the whole thing I would just see in his eyes his actual want for this gospel in his life and I was just so pumped for him. I feel like me and Hermana Yato have been pulling his teeth for the past three weeks, but seeing it happen and hearing the testimony of the lady afterwards really helped. Unfortunately, this Saturday he is going out of town..... it isn't for sure yet but who knows... I know what your thinking… LAME!

We had changes this week with our sister leaders and I was pretty nervous for it, but i LOVED it. Mostly because I got to talk in English about how I feel to someone who understands English and I was also able to get feedback in English so really it was one of my favorite things. I was also really able to learn a lot by how she teaches and how I need to better myself. All in all, this week was alright. I love you all and thank you for reading this message:)


Hermana Brasher


  1. Oh how i love these letters! I sure would have loved to have attended that baptism. Hooray for Hermana Brasher! xox