Monday, January 2, 2017

Lima West!

Hola everyone! It’s official, I'm in the field and I can’t understand anything!!! It is so exciting I wish all of you could have this experience. Even though I might get one word out of every conversation I'm pretty happy most of the time which is weird... but good! Yes it is hard and can be really frustrating but I haven't cried myself to sleep yet. I might have woken up crying… but it’s all good in the Peru- hood.

Monday is when the first batch of missionaries left the CCM. I had a few of my favorites leave and it was like being separated from my family all over again. I didn't go in to the CCM thinking I would make friendships with people like this but I'm so glad that I did because they have changed my life. It was sad to see them depart but it will be so awesome to see then again!

Tuesday morning is when the rest of us left, and it was just as sad for me… and of course I was crying... but its okay because I made a few Elders cry too because I'm just that awesome. jk but we all did love each other so much. After we shook hands goodbye (sad life of a missionary) we all went our different ways… me off to Lima West! Once we all got to the mission home we went right out to a park and started prosoliting, that was a fun time that I bet you can just all imagine in your brains. After the prosoliting  they had all of the new missionaries in the chapel on the stand and all of our trainers in the congregation. Then they paired us up! My new companion is Hermana Yato! She is awesome. She is so caring and patient with me. She knows  quite a bit of english but we do a good job of speaking Spanish all day and a little english so I can try to help her learn. One day this week she taught me something about english grammar to help me with my spanish grammar.... talk about embarrassing! We just walk around all day in the dust talking to people while sweating all the day long. Surprisingly I like it! Right now we have 4 baptisms lined up with is awesome! Two of them Hermana Yato had before I got here so the ones I helped with are Percy and Angie. I am so excited for both of them.

Funny story of the week… well we have a penchanista and she feeds us really good food, the only problem is that it is a mountain of food.... so one day I was just not going to finish but I felt bad because I didn't finish the day before either, so once she walked out of the room I hurried and started putting my food in a napkin, Hermana Yato was helping keep watch and I was about to put it in my bag but she walked in! I just saved it on my lap and started eating and she was talking about how I ate all of it really fast and Hermana Yato was just trying so hard not to laugh the whole time. She finally turned her back and I got it in my bag and all was good. Once we left her house we just started laughing so much it was a good time. 

Well, life so far is good, it is hard with the language but I'm working on my faith and patience. I miss and love all of you!!!

Love, Hermana Brasher


  1. She is my hero. My word is "courage" this year and if I can face my challenges this year half as brave and optimistic as Abigail I will consider it a smashing success. Love, love that girl!

  2. I love my Abi girl. You are amazing.