Wednesday, December 14, 2016

MTC week 4

We got our new missionaries!!! We were all pretty excited about it. We were so excited about it we decorated our hall way cute with sticky notes in the shape of a Christmas tree and presents, it looked a little white trash, but thats okay because you do what you got to do! They came in to the CCM around 3:30 in the morning… about the same time we did!  We all woke up for them and were all going down stairs to help them but we got yelled at.... a teacher kind of got after us, but our intentions were righteous. We just wanted to help all the new Hermanas carry their bags up the stairs, but that was obviously not a good idea. They have been doing good so far, but let’s just say I am so so glad that it is not my first week anymore.

Oh, the proselyting activity... We went in the Lima South area and I was pumped on life for this activity but way scared all at the same time. I went with a Hermana that had been out in the field for 15 months. Her name was Hermana Gardiner. We were given addresses to go to and teach and every time we found a place (if we found the place), the people had moved or the people living there had no idea who we were talking about. Hermana Gardiner told me a lot of good information about mission life, but i really wanted to be able to try to talk to people which I could have made happen, but I was also way scared because Spanish is not really that easy for me. 

I am loving the CCM! I love all the people that I am here with. I am loving the fact that I am learning so so much and that I am growing a lot as well. The coolest part is I am going out with all these people at the same time. We are the closest bunch of people you could probably ever meet. We have grown to be each others family and it will be sad to move apart but at the same time we are ready to serve and do what the Lord wants us to. Right now all the districts are doing a music video competition and my district obviously wants to win so we will see how that goes.

I taught the district lesson on Sunday, the topic was faith in Jesus Christ. I think it went good. I feel like I might have talked to much but I mean if they wanted to say something they would have spoken up! 

I love you all! Thank you for all your prayers and support.


Hermana Brasher

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  1. Just look at all of those bright shiny hermanas! I can see in her face that she is so happy. Also, that post-it-note tree looks much better than I had imagined. I have so much respect for her perserverance and positive attitude. Thank you for keeping us up to speed with these great letters. xox