Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MTC week 3

This week has been better, I have grown to love two things this week more than I did before I came here. The first one is the priesthood. I am so grateful for this power in my life, it is such a special and amazing thing that I knew I loved before, but being on my mission I have relied on it a little more then I ever have before and this has made my love for it grow. The second one would be the Book of Mormon.  I have never really had that moment some people talk about where they pray about it being true and they just have this overwhelming feeling that testifies of it. I have just always known that it is a book of truth. I have taken the opportunity to pray and to truly know of the truthfulness of this book. Ever since I said that prayer my love for this book has just grown so much! I love all that I am learning from it and I love how much it is helping me grow and overcome things no one else could really help me with.

The "avocados" are all gone and the new elders and hermanas come in tonight. Boy am I praying for those missionaries! If their day is going how mine was they will need it. Last night a few latinas came in and one is going to my mission!!! I sort of flew at her with a hug once she said she was going to Lima West and I think I scared her a little bit, but she is the only other Hermana so far coming with me and i just couldn't help it. 

I am getting used to the taste of the food but my body is still adjusting... the joke of our zone is Jeremiah 4: 19-21.

This Saturday we go out of the wall and we are doing a proselyting activity with real people... I am pretty stressed out about the whole situation because I don't really know Spanish yet. I mean... I never really will but I REALLY don't know Spanish, so I guess we will see how it goes... I hope good! 

Lately I have been missing the Christmas music. I have been singing the little ones I know and every time I get caught my teachers make me sing a hymn in Spanish... you could say I am doing a lot of singing but its worth it! I really do love my teachers the more I get to know them, they are truly the best.

I love all of you and I am so thankful for all your prayers for me, you are in mine as well.

Hermana Brasher


  1. Love you Abs! We're so happy to hear of the progress. On my mission, it always helped me to know of Gods wisdom and to remember that our time table is not always aligned with His.

    Anyway, we're so proud of you. Keep it up, and I loved that Jeremiah 4 scripture! 😂

  2. So happy to hear how she is doing and that she is feeling better about the transition. She will be an amazing missionary! The language will come for Abi...❤️ her and her example to all her cousins! - Etienne Brasher