Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MTC week 2

Thanksgiving and other happenings:

I didnt really expect much from Thanksgiving because that isn't really a thing down here, but we had an awesome devotional from Elder Anderson about gratitude (obviously:) The kitchen was decorated way cute and that made us feel somewhat of a Peru Thanksgiving feast. It touched my heart that they went out of their way to make this whole transition that much easier for all of us. Although it did not feel like Thanksgiving at all... I loved it!

We got Fausto, our first investigator to get baptized! What was nice was after we were done with Fausto my teacher who was pretending to be him as an investigator came up to me and my companion and told us that he thought we did really well and he could tell that we are improving which was so awesome to hear because I do not feel like that at all. Now we have two more investigators, Dennis and Cristina and so we will see how it goes with them!!!

The food here isn't too much different, it just has a different little taste to it to remind you that you are in Peru. I am pretty sure they have been serving us the same batch of fries for two weeks and they are sick of warming them up so they are also cold... but hey, we have fries:). They also every once in a while have hard boiled eggs and my heart just gets so happy when that happens. Me and all the Hermanas in my room talk about pizza every night, how we just want to escape the compound and get pizza from Costco. I don't even know if they have a Costco here, but they better;)

Spanish is so completely and utterly frustrating and discouraging. At the moment I have no good words about this language that I have to speak for the next 18 months.

I love all the girls that I am with everyone is awesome and so full of love for eachother. We are growing really close, for some girls that is a good thing and for others not so much, but we are all making it through the day. The Elders have their moments but most of the time I love them. We are always singing songs and I just love it.

I'm  doing well.  I love my teachers that I have and the CCM President is so awesome and really looking out for me. I am loved and cared for here. 
I love you all,
Hermana Brasher 

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