Monday, June 5, 2017

Saul Salas got baptized this week and it was awesome. We have been working with him for a while now, his parents got baptized a month ago and they were so happy to finally have him also get baptized. Their family is awesome and the spirit was so strong. This kid loves to talk but when we told him that he was going to have to bear his testimony in front of everyone he got way nervous and did not want to do it. We practiced with him a lot and once he got up there his testimony was short and simple but so pure and true. The spirit was so strong and it was so awesome. On Sunday he also stood to bear his testimony because it was fast and testimony meeting. He stood up and shared his testimony about how the gospel really does help people change their lives. It was so awesome to be here for this and to really see the gospel help this young man really change his life to be closer to our Heavenly Father.
I know it is true! I know that with the gospel we have the tools that truly help people change their lives for the better and it is important that we are always trying to work on ourselves too. That we work and strive to become more like our HeavenlyFather everyday and learn through those trials that we have in our life because if we have to go through them we might as well learn what we are suppose to so we don't have to do it again! No, but really I know that the trials and difficulties that we have are here to teach us and change us and they are from God because only He truly knows how to help us to become like Him and He is also going to help us along the way with His spirit and this gospel.

I hope you all have a great week and that you are all safe and doing good! I love you all!!!

Hermana Brasher

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